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Common failures in high-security locks

These are the most common failures that may appear in high-security locks:

  • The key doesn’t go into the hole: This may happen due to a damaged key or dirt in the cylinder. To fix this, you need to file the key correctly to avoid rough edges and carefully clean the cylinder.

  • The bolt doesn’t work: Misalignment of the bolt due to the regular use of the door. This can be fixed by tightening the bolts/strike of the door or lubricating the bolt with graphite spray.

  • The bolt gets jammed: This may happen because the door has moved for some reason. This can be fixed by moving the bolt to a new position or adjusting/replacing the hinges of the door to restore it to its original position.

  • Difficulty turning the key: This may be due to poor lubrication. To fix this, apply graphite spray, and if this doesn’t work you will need to change the lock.

Need help choosing the best security lock for your devices or mechanisms? At Locksmith Express Costa Del Sol we can help. We are experienced in the development of an electronic lock that is activated via smartphone, a motion sensor or a wireless key, which improves the performance using the best materials and manufacturing methods.

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