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Picking locks and doors, what's the difference?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Many people do not know the differences between a lock picker and a door picker. In fact, they don't even know there is a difference. In short - if you need to break in a door, of any kind - a home door, a lobby door, an office door, a car door, a warehouse door, etc., you must use the help of a door opener, of course, which is his entire training - to professionally and expertly break open any door you want. If you need a professional who specializes in several operations, among others, locks - you must use a locksmith.


As you understood, not every lockpicker breaks doors and vice versa - not every doorpicker also picks locks. So what is the difference between them? First and foremost - the training! The training of a professional when breaking doors is more limited and mainly concentrates on knowledge and the field dealing with breaking. Compared to the door breaker, the locksmith also specializes in installing locks, duplicating keys, locking systems, etc. in addition to the general knowledge of door breaking.

When do I need a burglar?

First it must be said that it is likely that when necessary you will realize on your own that you are unable to do the operation on your own and therefore you will need a professional. It is likely that this need will arise during an emergency. Usually the popular hacking services are for homes, businesses and safes. Why are these cases so popular you ask?

Burglary of a business or home - usually a burglar is invited to the client's business or private home when the keys are lost or alternatively, if the key is stuck or broken. Sometimes the cylinder is worn and stuck, which leads to a cylinder replacement, thus minimizing future damage.

Breaking into the safe - in safes, lock problems may arise due to natural wear and tear that happens over time. Sometimes a burglar is needed simply because we forget the code or because we lost a key.

Car break-in - car break-in is also common and is often caused by leaving the key in the car compartment; In the trunk or in the switch. Sometimes, there is a malfunction in the electrical or mechanical system in the vehicle lock.

Nonsense, I have good hands

Well, there is no doubt because we have a natural tendency to believe in ourselves and our abilities. But sometimes, it is recommended to let go and let the professionals do their thing. It is recommended not to break locks or doors independently because this may cause even greater damage than the existing damage; Which is likely to result in a higher treatment cost. The professionals have both the knowledge and the appropriate tools for every problem - let them do their thing and wait patiently, yes, even if you think it's not your fault and you will solve the problem easily.

So what did we have here?

Well, there is no doubt that getting stuck outside or inside the house, the office, the warehouse, the vehicle or the business can be an unpleasant thing, but that is precisely why there are skilled professionals who will take care of any problem - the door breaker knew how to break every possible door and the locksmith knew how to both break and change a cylinder , to handle locking and security problems and the like.


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